Which medium is right for your portrait

Choosing the right medium, or material, for your portrait artwork is vitally important. I specialise in pastel, paint or the airbrush and all three can create very different atmospheres & moods within an artwork.

Here is a brief guide for you to gauge what medium you would like me to create your artwork in.


  • Animals or people
  • A great option for cat or dog portraits
  • Created on artist quality paper so must be framed or MDF primed board which can be timber mounted/framed upon request.
  • I usually create the artwork in one colour (sepia or a blue-black). But I can add a colour background or other areas in colour.
  • If you want the portrait to be super realistic you will love airbrush work
  • Sizes- A3 and up.

I love large-scale airbrush works where I can capture wonderful detail and impact.
Here are some examples of my work done with the Airbrush.


  • Great for toddler portraits- the pastels have a soft feel
  • I can create in full colour or in black and white
  • Create only on paper and need to be framed
  • Any size
  • Animals or people portraits

Here are some examples of my work with Pastels.


  • A great option for animals
  • Created on artist quality canvas so no need to frame
  • Suitable for large scale artworks
  • A more expensive option due to the price of artist quality oil paint
  • Any size

I hope this guide has been helpful to you in choosing to perfect medium for your portrait. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to send me a message, I’ll be more than happy to help you.
So, which one’s your favourite? Leave me a comment below.


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