“After initially contacting Carmelina over two years ago to create a piece of art for my wedding, I have since asked her to create more and more works for me throughout the years. At this stage, she is working on my 6th piece of artwork. This is simply because Carmelina has been an absolute dream to work with and the pieces of art that she produces are incredible.

Carmelina is extremely approachable and will openly discuss your ideas and designs to ensure that what she is working on is what you imagined. She offers educated suggestions and options when you are unsure and will do everything she can to make certain that you are happy with the final product.

She has such a wide range of talents and has created for me artworks including pastels, water colour, paint and spray paint. All of them have been infallible.

I couldn’t recommend Carmelina enough. She is a beautiful person and an amazing artist.”


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