I wanted to share a couple of my testimonials with you. While the testimonials are always complimentary about my artwork sometimes the story behind them can be a little sad.

Meet Jock the Pug for example – my latest pet portrait. Looking at the photograph of him, I wanted to create something fun and unique as much as Jock himself. Hence the watercolour portrait. Sadly Jock died from a snake bite just last month, thus the owner requested a lasting memory of him.

Here is a little bit about the trooper! an excerpt from the owner:

“Jock was born on the 20th August, 2011. As soon as we got him home we knew we had a little pocket rocket full of energy & personality. When he was 12 months old he sustained any injury to his left eye which couldn’t be saved. He adapted very quickly but would not slow up and unfortunately within 6 months had badly injured his right eye. It was saved but had limited sight. This still didn’t hold him back and life carried on for our little buddy until the 15 October 2015. Jock passed away from a red belly black snake bite. A day we will never forget! For such a little dude, he left an enormous impact on our family. We absolutely love Jock’s portrait. Carmelina was able to capture Jock’s energy and personality to a tee. He will always feel close by now.”

I also have another story to share as well about a beautiful cat named Buddy who is sorely missed. I know that Melanie has a lot of joy from having him near her now. And Buddy’s mate Chocky sits and looks at the portrait too.

“Our Oriental cat Buddy was a loved member of our family. He was a very vocal cat, always voicing his hellos when we arrived home.  He demanded attention and let us know when he wasn’t happy with something. Buddy was very haughty and aloof with strangers, and had a very disdainful attitude towards our dogs, who could never understand this after many attempts to play! Buddy died tragically in April 2015 at 9 years old, leaving behind his litter mate and best friend, Chocky, who is still lost without him.

Carmelina has created a beautiful soft pastel artwork of him, truly capturing his fine features as he was looking out the window. I love looking at it every day and will treasure it always.”

As you can see, these stories can be quite devastating for the pet’s owners and a pet portrait is no replacement for a pet but having an artwork that captures their own unique spirit makes it feel like they are almost there and that they’re never forgotten. If you have or had a pet that you have a genuine bond with, then please get in touch with me to see how we can remember your special family member.


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