Carmelina Teaching

Photograph by John Humphreys

From a very young age, I embraced drawing. I would take days off school to join my mum in attending her oil painting classes at the local community college. Throughout high school I would rather be in the art room than the playground. It was my release. It was how I made sense of the world and how I made sense of who I was. My high school teacher, in year 9 said “you’re going to be an artist”.

“Artist: a person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.”

Completing Visual Arts in my Higher School Certificate, it provided a platform for ideas and technical skill to get me into art school. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts.

Majoring in textiles, my practice involved shibori, and soft fabric sculptures. Feeling very frustrated with the limited technical skill available, I was hungry to learn more about painting and fine art. I enrolled in night airbrush classes and continued these classes for about 3 years. The airbrush as a fine art tool fascinated me, the fine detail that could be achieved. So life-like and like nothing else.

After completing Fine Arts, I went on to complete a less ambiguous degree and completed a Bachelor of Art Education. Whilst studying, teaching casually and creating, I was also working as a community project officer, coordinating art and cultural events. It was during this time that I recognized how powerful art can be in bringing people together, building communities and providing people with them with a sense of purpose and well-being, as drawing and painting had done for me.

Feeling unsatisfied, I stopped teaching in the school system all together and continued to work in community development and welfare. Engaging and working with like-minded creative types and members of my community, I facilitated a range of art projects and workshops, working with special needs, marginalised and disadvantaged groups.

My desire to learn about technical skill, which wasn’t fulfilled at art school, led to me join evening painting classes, and a variety of other workshops and short courses. I developed an ongoing passion for drawing/painting people portraits and animals. I love capturing eyes. Once I capture this, the rest of the face just comes together. My chosen mediums are oil paint, soft pastel, the airbrush as a tool for painting and my most recent watercolours. I cannot help but continue to learn about new processes, explore new mediums and most importantly inspire those with the passion and desire to create and be an artist. It just needs to be nurtured and validated.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy what you see,